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Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of fracture in your baby

There is a direct correlation between smoking and pregnancy-related problems during pregnancy, but the effects of smoking during pregnancy are scarce and dissimilar to the health of infants’ bones and the risk of fractures at different stages of life. In a recent research, researchers found that smoking during the early stage of pregnancy increases the… Read More »

Curd Benefits in Hindi: These 5 Amazing Benefits of Eating Yogurt

Yogurt keeps you from all kinds of stomach problems. If gas, indigestion, constipation, stomach irritation, eat yogurt or drink lassi, buttermilk, stomach problem and intestinal heat will be away. Learn about the benefits of eating curd here. Benefits Of Eating Curd  Whenever you go out on some auspicious task or journey, you must definitely eat a spoon… Read More »

Social media and smartphones are doing something

Social media and smartphones are affecting the mental health of adolescent children. Teenage children are falling victim to negativity using smartphones and social media. In some children, thoughts like suicide are born due to social media. The present era can be called the era of social media and smartphones. After dawn and before bedtime, every human being has… Read More »