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By | September 10, 2020

her countries report an unusually high number of users, but there are more Russian hot girls on WhatsApp than you will find in most countries. In fact, Russian girl WhatsApp number for friendship online is fast becoming a niche for dating activities!oday’s dude wants to explore; they love dating adventure in far away land. Dating foreign hot girls on WhatsApp can be your ticket to start your love adventure in a foreign land. Unlike other dating options, WhatsApp dating offers a cheap and affectionate way to connect with your date without feeling the distance.

The advantage of The use of WhatsApp cuts across different strata of the society. The app finds usefulness in all spheres of human endeavors. While others are using it to find love, some use it for business. For some, it’s purely a social affair to stay in touch with friends. Do not think WhatsApp speak only your language; the app is available in about 60 languages including Russian girls using WhatsApp. If you are looking for a date, I guarantee you will find unlimited hot girls on WhatsApp from Russia you can date today!

The internet today is filled with girl WhatsApp number for friendship. The reason you may not know this before now is that you have not been paying attention to different ways of using WhatsApp beyond your current purpose for using the texting app. However, you are lucky reading this article because you will learn how to connect with Russian girls using WhatsApp for dating.
WhatsApp for dating foreign girls
• Multimedia communication. WhatsApp offers text, voice, and video to communicate with your date. Not only will you chat with friends using text messaging, but you can also use WhatsApp like the regular phone to make a voice call to establish the reality of sharing your affection. Also, you can decide to do a video call where you can see your love real time and live. Using WhatsApp multimedia means of communication helps to strengthen love affairs between two lovers who are thousands of miles apart.
• It prevents fraud. The experience of fraud in dating relationship using old methods of communication has been busted! Many who were in love have fallen victims to fraudsters who pretend to be someone else by sharing a fake identity. But in a WhatsApp situation, you can request a video call to know who you are dealing with and take necessary caution if you don’t like what you see.
• Instant messaging. WhatsApp gets your message to the recipient almost instant and its fun! There is no delay in communication, and you can get in touch with your chatting mate instantly. This means when you find someone you love you can communicate with them like you are next door neighbors.
• Secure messaging. WhatsApp messages are safe because of its end-to-end encryption technology. This means no one can eavesdrop on your conversation and this security makes it better than most texting apps.
[12:06 AM, 9/10/2020] Yonis Malik😇: Statistics of telephone subscribers using WhatsApp in Russia
The number of girl WhatsApp number for friendship in Russia is increasing daily. A study by RBC claims that operators put the age of girls on WhatsApp between 25 to 35 years which form about 35% of the network subscribers. The study further showed only 2% of WhatsApp female users are above 64 years while those below the age of 18 years are around 4%. More importantly, the study revealed that 64.8% of subscribers using WhatsApp are android phone owners, 21.2% iOS while other operating system takes 13.8% of total WhatsApp users in Russia.

Although other messaging apps are in use, the level of addiction among Russian girls using WhatsApp (permit me to use that description) is higher. Megafon reports 47.6% of its subscribers using WhatsApp and 39.7% Viber, and Skype is 17.9%. For Beeline subscribers, WhatsApp takes 68.7%, Viber is 47.7%, Skype 38.3% and telegram 7.5%.

Dating Russian girls by the international community has been on the increase due to the unique nature of Russian women. Hot girls on WhatsApp have contributed to the rise in daters heading to social media to locate Russian girl WhatsApp number for friendship. This trend is increasing thanks to the flexibility of WhatsApp to provide a reliable communication link with a secure messaging system.

WhatsApp was named in May 2016 as the most popular messaging app by Android users. The app supported over 60 languages and used in more than 187 countries to interact with people of different age levels. Among the countries where WhatsApp is mostly used include Russia, Mexico, and the UK

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